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From the moment we turn on our televisions, phones, apps, radios or newspapers a system of perpetual influence stares back at us and our every move.  Predicting it, analyzing it, and capitalizing on it, all the while quietly and subtly effecting our thoughts, challenging our beliefs and imprinting its values on us and those around us who have been consumers of popular culture.  Just as any virus, it builds momentum and continues to grow without regard as to who it affects, but simply concerns itself with the fact that it CAN.


Through a series of divine events, the 4 of us met each other and started creating something that would move, speak, and sound differently from what we were all used to.  Armed with drums, bass, guitars and a keyboard, we write to create a wave of music that speaks to the systems that have been put in place to prevent us from seeing the divinity in each of ourselves.


Mainstream Disease


Are you infected?  

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